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Remote/Mobile Studio


Tom started recording with friends on 4 and 8 track machines and eventually making it to professional studios recording multitrack to reel-to-reel tape machines by the time he was 17. Tom then learned Pro Tools, recreating favorite songs by his favorite artists and creating original compositions. Currently, Tom uses Logic Pro X. While studying music in college Tom had the opportunity to study music production with a Berklee College of Music instructor from the MP&E department. 


Over the years Tom began to acquire microphones, various pieces of hardware, computers and software all while continuing to perform and learning new methods through hands-on opportunities recording his own bands and various musician’s live and multitrack projects.


Tom has been a collaborator on many projects spanning genres from Rock and Pop to Experimental music. His experience and network of musicians is vast. 


Whether you are an individual with songs needing to build out the arrangements and have Tom play or program the rest of the instruments, hire the right players, or you have a full band ready to go, he can get the job done and sounding professional. This can be done remotely via the cloud at Tom’s home studio or he can come to you.

Tom can also chart or transcribe your music.


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Check out some of Tom's Mobile & Remote Studio Productions

Mobile Recording Studio Productions

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Remote Collaborative Contributions

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