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Beleza Flux (Composer Bruno C. Faria and Multi-Instrumentalist Tom Furdon) specializes in creating audible landscapes for the visual arts. Collaborating with artists in an effort to create newly integrated works consisting of both visual and audible dimensions; creating dynamic, living, breathing pieces, mixing music and visuals into an aesthetically pleasing whole.


We see the future blending of the various art mediums as a naturally evolving process that will one day support and give birth to new forms of expression on a global scale. We are committed to being a part of that expression by discovering the threads common to all of the arts and wrapping ourselves around them with sound.

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"Time In Between" - Sung Won Yun

Medium - Video

Serenity is found not in a state in which temporal evolution ceases, but in a dynamic process where individual events are integrated into a homogeneous whole. This insight inspires my work which points towards a paradoxical theme of finding timelessness in time flow through evolution of organisms and geological processes.

- Sung Won Yun

Binary in nature, the piece is constructed of two contrasting sections continuously playing in and out of one another. These sections musically represent the duality that we see taking place in the imagery as well as the metamorphosis of the variant elements at play. Formally, these sections expand and build up into successive climaxes as the piece progresses and nears its completion.

- beleza flux

"Congeries of Time" - Sung Won Yun

Medium - Video


I create micro-organisms floating in a universe, a spatio-temporal construction with infinite temporal layers of such organisms spanning from a primordial period to the present moment. Such a trajectory suggests a horizon of infinite time. As the layers accumulate, the meaning of each layer emerges and finds a new integration, pointing to a universal synthesis. I feel the same event happening repeatedly in time, creating new meanings; the micro-organism portrayed as floating in the universe interacts with a dynamic trajectory linking past, present, and future


- Sung Won Yun


With a fugal-like approach, audible layers of sound move in and out of one another, playing out each ones integral, individual part while at the same time subsiding to the act of transformation of the whole. At times blending together, at other times pulling away... Continuously mixing forms to create new musical textures and directions.


- beleza flux

"It Takes All Types" - Jeffrey Ellse

Medium - Acrylic and Graphite on Bristol and Paper 11x14”


Technology has blurred the boundaries of ones own cultural identity bringing similarities and differences between individuals living on the other side of the world into a sharp focus. International relationships happen in a matter of seconds. How has technology changed what it means to be part of a global community? And how has this changed how we relate to the physical reality around us? This project consists of fourteen paintings of the different plugs and outlets from around the world and an audio piece that overlays atmospheric sounds with people saying “disconnect, connect” in multiple languages. The plug and outlet are a metaphor for connection and disconnection and highlight the idea that through technology ones idea of community expands globally.


- Jeffrey Ellse


The piece is at the core made up of two contrasting sections sounding both positive and negative connotations; Moving from light to dark, quickly and chaotically, showing that smooth transitions are not the norm of the day. The "water" theme (symbolic of the collective consciousness) mirrors "it takes all types" by likening water to the "flow" of global communication representing both positive as well as negative aspects of the contemporary world in its death-birth scenario that we currently find ourselves living in...


- beleza flux

"Persistence of Grace" - Renato A. D. Riccioni

Medium - Iron Wire and Concrete Varying in size from 31x10x6” - 32x23x15”


The sculpture series, Persistence of Grace, juxtaposes material and form. A rough matter, concrete, is forced to embody and give shape to classical reminiscences and meditations on grace – like relicts of elsewhere. The sculptures in this group resolve the tension between the two by combining the literal and symbolic concreteness of the object with the classical harmony and elegance of the form. Persistence of Grace complete a research initiated with a drawing series, In Search of Grace, that represented the preparatory work and two dimensional stage for the realization of the sculptural forms.


- Renato A. D. Riccioni


Written in "sculpted" form, the music is carved out of a few sound elements that move through the piece with gestures of consistency as well as of a transformative nature, achieving a balance between dissonance and consonance, tension and release.


- beleza flux

"Night's Proud Garden" - Joe Seaward

Medium - Photo Prints 24x30" Just outside, things are growing in the dark. These pictures were all found a short, camera-laden walk from my home, in a flat, square, grey suburb, some not even that. Just by looking differently at that too-tracked waste I was able to tease these jewels twisting out of the dark. So I offer these pictures as a challenge to anyone who is sure; anyone who knows that they have found everything worth finding. If I can find secret paths and swaying palaces in a few blocks of straight siting and curveless concrete, what makes you so sure you have nothing to find.


- Joe Seaward


Created as musical short stories, this piece re-creates one's journey thru night's proud garden. The violin(Live Performance by David Delaney of "The Whiskey Boys") and mandolin serve as storytellers leading the listener through various variations based on their one common theme... The trees.


- beleza flux

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