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Latest Review!

I came to Tom as an experienced guitarist with about 10 years under my belt. In just the first month of lessons, I was starting to master concepts that I had been struggling with for years. He has helped me progress with technique, theory, improvisation, composition, and mastering the fretboard. Tom has a gift for teaching! He is organized, thorough, patient, friendly, and encouraging.  If you're searching for an instructor, look no further. 


- Nick G. Guitar Student


Lessons have been for my 10 year old boy. Thomas is super patient, kind and Knowledgable.


- Amy Ukulele Student Parent

Five Stars!


- Corrine J. Guitar Student Parent 

Tom is an accomplished, and very pleasant musician with lots of ability and knowledge. He is able to simplify concepts so that I can play a song on my ukulele, which is my goal. Perfect!


- Deborah W. Ukulele Student

Very detailed, teaches at a perfect pace & knows what he's doing :) 

-Emma S. Guitar Student

Tommy has been an excellent teacher. He mixes just the right amount of theory into the lessons when it is appropriate to explain what we are working on. He is also very personable and easy to work with. I can honestly sat it was a great find when I found Tommy.


- George R. Guitar Student

A Great, enthusiastic teacher! 

-Martina Ukulele Student

Thomas is a wonderful teacher, he is helping me gather my thoughts on the songwriting process and provides excellent guidance on how to proceed in my own practice as a novice.

-Phillip S. Songwriting Student

Five stars!

- Cyndi J. Ukulele Student

Thoroughly enjoying my lessons with Tom! Sometimes, they are fre-flow; sometimes, they are focused. He has a good idea of how much to give me to work on each week, and structure of the lessons works well.


- Andy C. Guitar Student

Excellent teacher and fine personality.

- Thomas H. Guitar Student

Tommy has been an amazing guitar, bass and audio engineering teacher. Recently, we've been working together on some college auditions involving jazz bass, which I knew little in terms of techniques and terminology. With Tommy's help, I've learned what would have taken me forever, and I feel a lot better about the audition process. 

- Dexter W. Guitar, Bass, MP&E Student

Great first lesson!

-Mark Guitar Student

Only had one lesson so far, but Tommy was great, very personable and took the time to figure out what I wanted to learn and did not just start at page 1 of some book, anyone can do that.

He is also professional, organized and up to date with the use of 21st century technology and great organization. Too many times in fields like this do people fail to keep up with the times and find innovative ways of connecting with their customers. Not Tommy. 

- Matt G. Guitar Student

Five Stars! 

-Sanjay Ukulele Student

He has become my daughter's music coach/teacher. He is great! He is really helping her invest her heart back into her music. It warms our heart! Thanks Tommy! ❤️

-Valerie R. Ukulele, Songwriting Student Parent

Tom was professional, helpful and went above and beyond what was expected.

-Katherine M. Voice Over Recording Artist/Actor

Definitely one of the best teachers I've had. He's patient, talented and really nice. I learned way more than expected during my first lesson and it was really fun.

- Tim Ukulele Student

Very knowledgeable so far after one lesson.

- Ed C. Blues Guitar Student

First lesson was right on and to the point. Thanks Tom...


- Steve B. Guitar Student 

Tommy is an excellent guitar teacher... very knowledgeable! I am a beginner and Tommy was very patient, positive and encouraging. Highly Recommended! 

- Mark Guitar Student

Five Stars! 

- Spiky Ukulele Student

No doubt Thomas will help fill in some gaps. I think he's got plenty he can teach me. Looking forward 👍👍

- George S. Blues Guitar Student

Tom is so great! He’s patient, and a great teacher. He’s adapted to my learning style and I am already learning songs!

- Lisa D. Guitar Student 

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