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Lesson Videos

This page is dedicated to lesson based videos. If there is a subject you would like me to cover please email me at and I will make a video for it! You can also click SIGN UP! for online lessons with me and we'll get you set up!  Thanks! -Tom

"Online Lesson - Beginner Guitar

This video demonstrates how easy it is to have music lessons online. Please contact me for more info. Thank you!

Tuning a Guitar - Standard tuning for 6 string guitar

It's important to tune up before practicing, your lesson, rehearsal or a performance. If you don't have a tuner handy this video is for you!

"Five Minute Blues" (12 Bar Blues in A)

In this video I outline different scales and techniques while improvising over a 12 bar blues in A.


There are 8 choruses in this blues. Each chorus introduces a new skill.


Please sign up on my website to get access to PDFs and the backing track that accompanies this video or to sign up for lessons.

Five Minute Blues(12 Bar Blues in A Backing Track)

Practice your improv skills with this backing track.


There are 8 choruses of the 12 bar blues in A in this video. Watch Tom improvise over this progression and learn what scales and techniques he uses in the previous video. The come try out the scales and techniques with this backing track.

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