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Thank you for signing up for Creative Guitar improvisation!


On this page you will find a video of my demonstration of improvising over the backing track and another video of the baking track with no solo for you to practice with.


I look forward to working with you!



In this video I outline different scales and techniques while improvising over a 12 bar blues in A. There are 8 choruses in this blues. Each chorus introduces a new skill. 

There are 8 choruses of the 12 bar blues in A in this video. Watch Tom improvise over this progression and learn what scales and techniques he uses in the previous video.


1st chorus - Try working with two notes from the A minor Pentatonic scale creating a motif

2nd chorus - Add a note from the minor pentatonic scale and expand your idea

3rd chorus - Move on to the minor blues scale, move to more positions to expand your melodic range

4th chorus - Add some bends and slides for more dynamic playing

5th chorus - Switch to the major pentatonic and blues scale to change the vibe

6th Chorus - Try using arpeggios to navigate the chord changes

7th chorus - Try mixing it up for these last two choruses

8th chorus - Bring back your initial motif an octave higher

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