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Tom has a music degree from Dean College where he studied the William Leavitt Berklee College of Music guitar method with David Spadazzi, traditional theory, analysis, transcription, arranging, piano, voice, audio production and performed in various ensembles.

Since college, Tom has spent the last two decades teaching private guitar instruction in Boston, NYC, Santa Fe, San Fransisco Bay Area and Online to students all over the world from beginner to advanced players.  

Tom has backgrounds in Rock, Jazz, Funk, Metal, Country, Folk, Reggae, Ska, Punk, Sight-Reading, Theory, Improvisation, Performance Techniques and Experimental Music.

Tom will evaluate your current skill level, goals and available practice time to develop the perfect routine for you.

Programs include;


  • Monthly subscription to 30 minute weekly meetings $200

  • Monthly subscription to 45 minute weekly meetings $260

  • Monthly subscription to 60 minute weekly meetings $320

       - Each week you will meet with Tom online and review your                       progress and discuss an updated routine to keep you moving                forward to achieve your musical goals. 30 or 60 minutes                          depending on your skill level, goals and availability. 

  • Creative Guitar Improvisation Course

       - In this 8 week course, Tom will meet with you once a week                     online you’ll dive into the world of the 12 Bar Blues,                                   understanding its structure and discovering various                                 approaches to improvisation over the blues chord progression.

         But that’s not all! You’ll also learn how to apply these                               techniques to improvise over any song, giving you the freedom             to express yourself and jam with a band.


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